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Plank Challenge

How long I planked each week

Over the course of over two months I have been planking every day and each week I plank, I add 30 seconds to how long I plank.

One of the benefits of planking was when I planked every day, planking got easier and easier for me. When I added 30 seconds each week, it didn’t feel like much  and sometimes got easier for me.

As I was doing the plank challenge, I noticed that every week got easier and when I think about something other that planking like which one do I like better, ice cream, or candy, I can plank easier. I also realized that my core got stronger and my feet weren’t slipping as much as they used to.

Two things that I overcame while doing the plank challenge, were my feet slipping because I wasn’t putting enough effort into my plank. And having trouble in finding the motivation to plank because sometimes I just didn’t want to plank.

After doing the plank challenge for more than two months, I feel proud that I got more than four minutes on my final plank time and actually planking everyday in general. Every time I look at a calendar showing how many days i planked, I always say, “Wait, I actually planked that long?”

My new habit is typing. I chose this habit because typing is useful everywhere and if I type faster, I won’t take as much time typing slowly and most of my time in homework is typing.





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  1. Mutiara Rusly

    Nice job! I really like your details and I can imagine how hard that would be! I am so proud of your hard work and your determination.

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