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My Backpack

What’s In My Backpack!

In the book Finding Someplace, written by Dennis Lewis Patrick, Reesie, the main character, packs a backpack filled with things she thought were important for a hurricane. In the book, Reesie packed her phone and important papers such as her birth certificate. Since she didn’t have much time to pack, she didn’t have much time to think about it, so she would have packed more items, but she was in a rush. One thing she could have packed is a pocket knife because one robber took her phone and her important papers and if she had a pocket knife, she could’ve used that for self defense.

If I had to pack a backpack filled with important things, these are the things I would want to bring. The first thing I would bring is a whistle in case I get lost. In the book, Reesie didn’t pack a whistle so when she was lost, she couldn’t call for help. I would also bring a multi tool because it has many features like a knife and a screwdriver which is important if I have to cut something to get out if you are trapped. In order for me to survive, I need food and water. I would want to bring dried foods because they can survive in harsh conditions. And in case I get lost I would want a phone and a battery pack with a charger. And finally I would want money in case there is a convenience store on the way, and that’s what I would pack if I had to pack a backpack filled with important things.


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